Our Mission

Our mission is to become an advanced technology and research-based pharmaceutical company which emerges as a strong player in the domestic and international market. We are confident that our sincere efforts will take us from strength to strength in the years to come.

In the coming future, we are determined to capitalize on new opportunities based on our strong fundamentals. To achieve this goal, we remain committed to a shared strategy of growth.


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Our Vision

At Amros Pharmaceuticals, we pursue a vision that primarily focuses on providing healthcare solutions to society in the most economical fashion. It is our commitment at all times to provide the best quality products to customers at affordable prices so that we can help in bringing healthcare costs down.

About Us

Amros Pharmaceuticals, which was created in 1996 and has modern manufacturing facilities in Karachi, is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies. Our state of the art production facility is spread out over 17,000 square feet.

We have a lengthy history of successfully creating various medications and being able to supply those medications to the medical drug markets both locally and internationally.

The specialists in the domestic and international pharmaceutical industries have taken notice of and expressed respect for Amros Pharmaceutical; use of the most recent manufacturing technologies. The company regularly monitors the most recent advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and procedures, and on the basis of efficient cost-benefit analyses, quickly adopts and integrates these into the current manufacturing systems and procedures.

We remain as dedicated to our team members, partners, stakeholders, and—most importantly—our patients as we were on the first day of our mission. Today, we have several pharmaceutical distribution centers across the nation that promote, distribute, and export our medicines.

Top quality, compliance and hardworking team are cornerstones of our philosophy

Top quality, compliance and hardworking team are cornerstones of our philosophy

We guarantee you a safe and comfortable place to work in

Latest news

Annual Ceremony 2021 – 2022

Amros Pharmaceutical has arranged a grand annual service award ceremony for the employees of their state of the art manufacturing plant to recognize, reward, appreciate-and motivate the untiring efforts of their workers at hotel Ramada Plaza Karachi.

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