About Us

Who We Are

Amros Pharmaceuticals founded on 1996, is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Karachi. Our manufacturing facility is constructed over the area of 16970 sq. ft, (approx.). We have a long history of successful development of different medicines, and the ability to distribute those medicines to the healthcare community.

Amros Pharmaceuticals avails latest manufacturing technology which has gained attention and admiration of the professionals from national and international pharmaceutical industry. The company continuously keeps awareness of the latest developments in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and practices, and readily adopts and integrates these into the existing manufacturing systems and practices based on effective cost benefit analysis. Today, We have number of Pharmaceutical Distribution Centers in the country, who are distributing and marketing our products nationally and also exporting our products internationally.

High Reputation

The company has built a high reputation for effective generic and branded medicines. It manufactures tablets, syrups, injectables and OTC products.

Efficient Sales

Amros Pharma has an efficient sales and distribution network across Pakistan. It is manned by highly competent professionals.

The Amros sales team is in constant touch with sales distributors, sales outlets, hospitals, clinics and doctors. It ensures that quality Amros Pharma products are always available – and at reasonable prices.

Best Quality Products

Amros Pharmaceuticals is being recognized as a responsible and respectable provider of quality healthcare products through out the globe. It is an utmost desire of Amros Pharmaceutical to provide such products and services in future too that can maintain a healthier society. 

These products are produced from the best quality imported raw materials under strict quality control conditions.

Our Production

Amros Pharmaceuticals has facilities for the production of Ophthalmic, Liquid Injectable, Creams/Ointments, General Tablets, Psychotropic Tablets, Liquid Syrups, Dry powder suspensions and Veterinary Injectable.

Quality Policy

Amros Pharmaceutical is committed to implement and maintain the quality management system in order to obtain the consistent quality products and services to meet the customer, cGMP, regulatory and QMS requirements. Amros Pharmaceutical strives for continuous improvement through establishing and annual reviewing the quality objectives. Also providing training to its employees, adoption of latest techniques and implementation of documented procedures at all levels.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Compliance with GMP guidelines and applying the highest international standards Warranting the quality of products and environmental safety; continuous Improvement of quality in every business process; permanent training of staff; applying the up-to-date technological solutions; commitment of managers at all levels to continuous quality improvement; involvement of suppliers into our quality System and development of partnerships.

We in AMROS are aware of environmental impact of products and services and we therefore handle our activities according to the Company’s Environmental Guidelines. Giving appropriate place to quality and being continuously engaged in Quality policy implementation, we shall meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Company’s Management is responsible for implementation of quality policy. The personnel responsible for Quality Management and Environmental Management has the following responsibilities and authorities: development, maintenance and supervision of quality system and environmental management system – quality documentation management (SOPs, batch production records, batch packaging records, QA Agreements, etc.)